Cartan decompositions and quantum control


Speaker:Benjamin Adam Sheller

Title:Cartan decompositions and quantum control

Time:10a.m. October 30,2019

Location:818 Conference Room, Communication Building



Benjamin Sheller graduated from Iowa State University with PhD in mathematics and a graduate minor in physics. He has done research in mathematical biology, number theory, and geometric optimal control with a focus on quantum control, where his current research interests lie.



"K-P problems are a class of geometric optimal control problems on semisimple Lie groups. When the group is U(n), K-P problems correspond to the time evolution of quantum gates when the quantum system has some constraints on the energy of the control and direct couplings between different levels of the system. In this talk, we will give an introduction to these systems and apply symmetry reduction to explore how information about optimal trajectories may be studied in a lower-dimensional, though singular, space."