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Deng, Xu



Office phone:+86-28-83204100

positional Professor Email dengxu(at)
phone +86-28-83204100


2013  Max Planck Institute   Ph.D

Work Experience

2015- present       University of Electronic Science and Technology of China        Professor

2014-2015           UC Berkeley/Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory                 Post-doctor

2013-2014           Max Planck Institute         Post-doctor

Research Interest

Colloids and Interface ChemistrySurface ModificationSmart Polymer


[1] Huaixia Zhao, Jiajia Xu,Guangyin Jing, Lizbeth Ofelia Prieto-Lpoez, Xu Deng*, Jiaxi Cu*. Controlling the Localization of Liquid Droplets in Polymer Matrices byEvaporative Lithography. Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. (2016), 55, 1 – 6

[2] Xu Deng, Lena Mammen, Hans-Jürgen Butt, and Doris Vollmer. Candle Soot as a Template for a Transparent Robust Superamphiphobic Coating. Science (2012),335,67

[3] Xu Deng, Maxime Paven, Periklis Papadopoulos, Ming Ye, Si Wu, Thomas Schuster, Markus Klapper, Doris Vollmer, Hans-Jürgen Butt. Solvent-free synthesis of microparticles on superamphiphobic surfaces. Angewandte Chemie International Edition (2013), 43, 11286

[4] Ming Ye, Xu Deng, Javed Ally, Periklis Papadopoulos, Frank Schellenberger, Doris Vollmer, Michael Kappl, Hans-Jürgen Butt (co-first author). Superamphiphobic particles how small can we go? Physical Review Letters (2014), 112, 016101

[5] Xu Deng, Lena Mammen, Yanfei Zhao, Philipp Lellig, Klaus Müllen, Chen Li, Hans-Jürgen Butt, and Doris Vollmer. Transparent, thermally stable and mechanically robust superhydrophobic surfaces made from porous silica capsules. Advanced Materials (2011), 23, 2962 


Group Member