Our academic conference is dedicated to providing young scholars with a high academic exchange platform and a high quality academic discussion atmosphere. The meeting will use oral presentations (PPT) and posters as the main means of communication. The language requirements are Chinese or English. The conference will set up the best student report award and several best poster awards, and issue certificates and bonuses to the winners. The full text of reports that have not been published in domestic and foreign academic journals or conferences can be submitted to the conference. The conference organizing committee will organize experts to review and recommend preferred academic journals such as Nano-Micro Letters, Nanoscale Research Letters, International Journal of Technology, Journal of Semiconductors, and Journal of Electronic Science and Technology. The author of the PPT report material or thesis submitted to this meeting must ensure that the content, data, and arguments of the materials are correct and responsible for the intellectual property rights of the materials. Papers are written in the format of general scientific journals. The specific format is based on the requirements of the corresponding journal. A link and a manuscript template will be attached to the conference website. Please refer to the use.


Nano-Micro letters 


 Nanoscale Research Letters 


Journal of Semiconductors 


International Journal of Nanotechnology


Journal of Electronic Science and Technology

        The specific format of the article refers to the relevant magazine requirements. Thesis template please click the link to enter the official website to download, or email the conference mailbox for relevant information and help (FEST Email: