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The 1st International Conference on Frontiers of Electronic Science and Technology.

Invited speaks:

Master report:

Gerardus't Hooft - Nobel Prize Winner,University of Utrecht

Yu Dapeng - Academician of the Chinese Academy of SciencesSouthern University of Science and Technology

Guo Guangcan  - Academician of the Chinese Academy of SciencesChina University of Science and Technology

Optoelectronic Materials Design and Preparation:

Theme report:

Alexander Govorov  Professor of Yangtze River LectureOhio University, USA

Markus B. Raschke -  Professor University of Colorado Boulder,USA

Wei Suhuai - Professor of Thousands of People ProgramBeijing Research Center for Computational Sciences

Invitation report:

Bao Jiming - ProfessorUniversity of Houston, USA

Zhao Jijun Professor of Yangtze River LectureDalian University of Technology

Ren Zhiyong - Professor of Thousand Youth Talents PlanBeijing Research Center for Computational Sciences

Zhou Zhen - Professor Nankai University

Yang Liming - ProfessorHuazhong University of Science and Technology

Zhang Lijun - Professor of Thousand Youth Talents PlanJilin University

Liu Limin - Professor of Thousand Youth Talents PlanBeihang University of Aeronautics and Astronautics

Tan Pingheng - ResearcherInstitute of Semiconductors Chinese Academy of Sciences

Ji Wei -  Professor of Thousand Youth Talents PlanProfessor Renmin University of China

Li Yafei -  ProfessorNanjing Normal University

New Energy Materials and Devices:

Theme report:

Federico Rosei - Academician of the Royal Canadian Academy of SciencesCanadian National Research Institute Dean

Invitation report:

Que Yulun - Professor Taiwan Tsinghua University

Quantum information and quantum control:

Theme report:

Sven Hoefling - ProfessorUniversity of Würzburg, Germany

Invitation report:

Robert Young - ProfessorLancaster University, UK

Vladimir Fomin - ProfessorGermany Leibniz Solid Materials Research Center

Photoelectric integration technology and devices:

Theme report:

Ning Cunzhen - Professor of Thousand Talents ProgramTsinghua University

Guo Haozhong - Professor of Yangtze River LectureTaiwan Jiaotong University