Lv, Linyuan


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2002.09-2006.07          Beijing Normal University          B.S

2006.09-2008.07          Beijing Normal University          M.S

2008.09-2012.03          University of Fribourg                 Ph.D

2013.12-2014.04          Boston University                        Visiting Scholar

Work Experience

2017.06-Present          University of Electronic Science and Technology of  China, Professor

2012.06-2017.06         Hangzhou Normal University, Professor

Research Interests

Complexity science, network science,cyber physics

Selected Publications

[1]Recommender Systems; Physics Reports 519, 1-49; L. Lü, M. Medo, C. H. Yeung, Y.-C. Zhang*, Z.-K. Zhang, T. Zhou,2012

[2]The H-index of a network node and its relation to degree and coreness; Nature Communications 710168; L. Lü*Tao Zhou Qian-Ming ZhangH. Eugene Stanley* ,2016

[3]Toward link predictability of complex networks; PNAS 112(8), 2325–2330,L. Lü*L. Pan, T. Zhou, Y.-C. Zhang, H. E. Stanley* ,2016

[4] Link prediction in complex networks: A survey; Physica A 390, 1150; L. Lü, T. Zhou*,2011

[5]Leaders in Social Networks, the delicious case; PLoS ONE 6(6): e21202; L. Lü, Y.-C. Zhang, C. H. Yeung, T. Zhou*,2011

[6]Deviation of Zipf’s and Heaps’ Laws in Human Languages with Limited Dictionary Sizes; Scientific Reports 3, 1082; L. Lü, Z.-K. Zhang, T. Zhou*,2013

[7]Predicting missing links and identifying spurious links via likelihood analysisScientific Reports 622955; P. Pan, T. Zhou*, L. Lü*, C.K. Hu*,2016

[8]Avoiding congestion in recommender systems; New J. Phys. 16(6),063057; X. Ren, L. Lü*, R. Liu, J. Zhang,2014

[9]Quantifying the influence of scientists and their publications: distinguishing between prestige and popularity; New J. Phys. 14, 033033; Y.-B. Zhou, L. Lü*, M. Li,2012

[10]Manipulating directed networks for better synchronization; New J. Phys. 14, 083006; Zeng, L. Lü*, T. Zhou,2012

[11]Small world yields the most effective information spreading, New J. Phys. 13, 123005; L. Lü, D.-B. Chen, T. Zhou,2011