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Office phone: +86-28-83208617


1965      Department of Radio-Electronics, USTC

Work Experience

2016-present     Honorary Dean of IFFS

2003-present     Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS).

1965-present     professor at USTC and Director of the Key Laboratory of Quantum Information

Research Activities

   Prof. Guo has been devoting himself to the researches on quantum optics, non-linear optics and quantum information. He proposed the principle of probabilistic quantum clone and derived the formula of the maximum probability of clone, which, known as “Duan-Guo probabilistic clone machine” and “Duan-Guo limit”, has become the basis for one of the two different kinds of quantum clone machine. He experimentally realized the two kinds of quantum clone machine—probabilistic and universal quantum clone machine, and then proved the related theorem. He found the existence of “coherence-preserving states” which can protect quantum states from decoherence. Based on this finding, he proposed quantum error avoiding code, which is one of the three different kinds of quantum code, and proven it experimentally. He present a novel quantum information processor, which can effectively reduce the influence of the decoherence in cavities, and realized it experimentally as well. He realized the quantum key distribution (QKD) between two long distant sites experimentally and then accomplished the secure communication system based on quantum cryptography, which can transfer active pictures securely. He also proposed a new encryption scheme. He performed an all-or-nothing-type K-S experiment to verify whether non-contextual hidden variables or quantum mechanics theory is right, and observed that the results strongly agree with quantum mechanics. He explored the interesting characteristic of the odd and even coherent state, etc.

Selected Publications

 [1] Experimental Decoy-State Quantum Key Distribution with a Sub-Poissionian Heralded ingle-Photon Source , Phys. Rev. Lett. , 2008 , 100, 090501 

[2]Stimulated Emission as a Result of Multiphoton Interference, , Physical Review Letters, , 2007 , 99,043601

[3] Unitary Transformations Can Be Distinguished Locally , Physical Review Letters, , 2007 , 99,170401

[4] Experimental entanglement distillation of two-qubit mixed states under local operations , Physical Review Letters , 2006 , 96,220505

[5]Quantum data hiding with spontaneous parameter down-conversion. , Phys.Rev.A , 2003 , Vol.68

[6] Atom-Molecule Dark State: The Exact Quantum Solution , Phys. Rev. Lett. , 2008 , 101, 010401 

[7] Ferroelectricity Driven by the Noncentrosymmetric Magnetic Ordering in Multiferroic TbMn2O5: A First-Principles Study, , Physical Review Letters, , 2007 , 99,177202

[8] Demonstration of temporal distinguishability in a four-photon state and a six-photon state , Physical Review Letters, , 2006 , 97,023604,

[9]Experimental Test of the Kochen-specker Theorem with single photons. , Phys.Rev.Lett , 2003 , Vol.90