Associate Professor

Matus, Medo

Associate Professor


Office phone: +86-28-83201896


1998.09-2000.08    B.S     Slovakia    Comenius University    physics 

2000.09-2003.08    M.S     Slovakia    Comenius University    physics

2003.09-2010.11    Ph.D    Slovakia    Comenius University    physics

2006.10-2008.09    Ph.D    Switzerland  University of Friborg   physics

Work Experience

2008.10-2012.05    Postdoctoral     Switzerland   University of Friborg

2012.06-2017.03    Associate Professor  Switzerland   University of Friborg

Research Interests

Mainly engaged in statistical physics, especially complex systems and complex networks and other research work.


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4.*T Zhou, M Medo, G Cimini, ZK Zhang, YC  Zhang.

Emergence of scale-free leadership structure in socail recommender  

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