Quantum-enhanced measurements without entanglement

Time:2pm.  May 9th,2019

Location: 818 Conference Room

Title: Quantum-enhanced measurements without entanglement

Speaker:Dr Victor Montenegro


Quantum-enhanced measurements exploit quantum mechanical effects for increasing the sensitivity of measurements of certain physical parameters and have great potential for both fundamental science and concrete applications. Most of the research has so far focused on using highly entangled states, which are, however, difficult to produce and to stabilize for a large number of constituents. In the following alternative mechanisms are reviewed, notably the use of more general quantum correlations such as quantum discord, identical particles, or nontrivial Hamiltonians; the estimation of thermodynamical parameters or parameters characterizing nonequilibrium states; and the use of quantum phase transitions. Both theoretically achievable enhancements and enhanced sensitivities not primarily based on entanglement that have already been demonstrated experimentally and indicate some possible future research directions are described.

Dr Victor Montenegro works on the field of quantum opto-mechanics and quantum sensing. He has got his PhD from University College Lonodn in 2015 and after one postdoc at PUC in Chile he has joined the UESTC as a postdoc in 2018.  


D. Braun, G. Adesso, F. Benatti, R. Floreanini, U. Marzolino, M. W. Mitchell, and Stefano Pirandola, Rev. Mod. Phys. 90, 035006 (2018).