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1982   University of British Columbia                  Ph.D

1976   The Chinese University of Hong Kong      B.S.

Work Experience

1986-1997       University of Western Ontario                  Professor

1997-2005       The Chinese University of Hong Kong    Professor

Research Interests

Flexible thin film solar cells,Advanced green manufacturing technology

Selected  Publications

1.X.L. Fan, Y.F. Zhang, W.M. Lau, and Z.F. Liu, "Adsorption of triplet O2 on Si(100): the crucial step in the initial oxidation of a silicon surface",Phys. Rev. Lett. 94, 016101(2005).

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4.S.F. Wong, C.W. Ong, G.K.H. Pang, Q. Li, and W.M. Lau, "Removal of sp2 -boron nitride transition layer in the growth of cubmic boron nitride films", Dia. Rel. Mater. 13, 1632-1637(2004).

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