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1981-1984  La Sapienza university of Rome

1980-1981  GRAZuniversity

1976-1980  China university of science and technology

Work Experience

1992- present  University of Fribourg  Professor

1990-1991    Aarhus University  Chair Professor

1986-1990    Institute of Nuclear Physics  Associate Research Fellow

1984-1986    Brookhaven National Laboratory  Assistant Researcher

Research Interests

Complex network, Economics and finance, Statistical physics, Information Physics

Selected Publications

[1] M Kardar, G Parisi, YC Zhang. Dynamic scaling of growing interfaces. Physical Review Letters 56 (9), 889

[2] T Halpin-Healy, YC Zhang. Kinetic roughening phenomena, stochastic growth, directed polymers and all that. Aspects of multidisciplinary statistical mechanics. Physics reports 254 (4-6), 215-414

[3] D Challet, YC Zhang. Emergence of cooperation and organization in an evolutionary game. Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications 246 (3-4), 407-418

[4] Y Zhang, W Lee, YA Huang. Intrusion detection techniques for mobile wireless networks. Wireless Networks 9 (5), 545-556

[5] E Medina, T Hwa, M Kardar, YC Zhang. Burgers equation with correlated noise: Renormalization-group analysis and applications to directed polymers and interface growth. Physical Review A 39 (6), 3053