Lvovosky, Alexander



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1993-1998  Columbia University  Ph. D.

1989-1993  Lebedev Physical Institute  B.S

Work Experience

1999-2004  Fachbereich Physik, Universität Konstanz, Germany  Post-Doctor

1998-1999  University of California, Berkeley  Post-Doctor

Research Interest

Nanoelectronics, Information Materials and Components, Information Materials and Components


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[4] F. Yang, A. Tashchilina, E. S. Moiseev, C. Simon and A. I. Lvovsky

Far-field linear optical superresolution via heterodyne detection in a higher-order local oscillator mode. Optica 3, 1148-1152 (2016)

[5] A. E. Ulanov, I. A. Fedorov, D. Sychev, P. Grangier and A. I. Lvovsky

Loss-tolerant quantum enhanced metrology and state engineering via the reverse Hong-Ou-Mandel effect

Nature Communications 7, 11925 (2016)

[6] E. Ulanov, I. A. Fedorov, A. A. Pushkina, Y. Kurochkin, T. C. Ralph and A. I. Lvovsky

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