Quantum reservoir engineering of entangled many-body states

Title: Quantum reservoir engineering of entangled many-body states

Speaker:Dr Gentil Neto

Time:  September 25, Tuesday, 2018, 11:00 am

Location: Communication Building 725 Conference Room, Shahe Campus, UESTC.



 Quantum state preparation is of absolute importance for the field of quantum information. However, the effect of several sources of quantum noise or decoherence acting over the system of interest is unavoidable. Preventing the decoherence of nonclassical states have been a challenge in quantum information studies and important efforts have been proposed to overcome this obstacle, e.g., via decoherence-free subspaces, dynamical decoupling, and reservoir engineering. One key aspect of dissipative protocols is their independence on initial states as starting from an arbitrary initial state the non-unitary time evolution of the system generates a final steady state that asymptotically approaches a desired target state, which is achieved by the construction of an specific Liouvillian.

In this talk will be given a bird's-eye view on recent schemes of quantum reservoir engineering for the dissipative preparation of steady entanglements in optomechanical arrays and spin lattices models.