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Professor, Highly Cited Global Scientists of Thomson Reuters

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2000-2004   Harbin Institute of Technology   B.D

2004-2009   Harbin Institute of Technology   Ph.D

Work Experience

2009-2015       Xiamen University                                                        Associate Professor

2015-2018       Tianjin University                                                          Professor

2018-Present   University of Electronic Science and Technology        Professor

Research Interests


Selected Publications

  1. Xiangxiang Zeng, Wei Lin, Maozu Guo, Quan Zou*. A comprehensive overview and evaluation of circular RNA detection tools. PLoS Computational Biology. 2017,13(6): e1005420 (SCI, IF2015=4.587, PMID: 28594838) (data and codes)

  2. Quan Zou*, Qinghua Hu, Maozu Guo, Guohua Wang*. HAlign: Fast Multiple Similar DNA/RNA Sequence Alignment Based on the Centre Star Strategy. Bioinformatics. 2015,31(15): 2475-2481. (SCI, IF2016=7.307, PMID: 25812743) (Software)(该软件被OMICTOOLS推荐)

  3. Wei Tang, Shixiang Wan, Zhen Yang, Andrew E. Teschendorff*, Quan Zou*. Tumor Origin Detection with Tissue-Specific miRNA and DNA methylation Markers. Bioinformatics. 2018, 34(3): 398-406. (SCI, IF2016=7.307, PMID:29028927) (web server)

  4. Leyi Wei, Shasha Luan, Luis Eijy Nagai, Ran Su*, Quan Zou*. Exploring sequence-based features for the improved prediction of DNA N4-methylcytosine sites in multiple species. Bioinformatics. Doi: 10.1093/bioinformatics/bty824. (web server)

  5. Cangzhi Jia*, Yun Zuo, Quan Zou*. O-GlcNAcPRED-II: an integrated classification algorithm for identifying O-GlcNAcylation sites based on fuzzy undersampling and a K-means PCA oversampling technique. Bioinformatics. 2018, 34(12): 2029-2036. (SCI, IF2016=7.307, PMID:29420699)(web server)(该软件被OMICTOOLS推荐)

  6. Xiangxiang Zeng, Li Liu, Linyuan Lu*, Quan Zou*. Prediction of potential disease-associated microRNAs using structural perturbation method. Bioinformatics. 2018, 34(14): 2425-2432.(SCI, IF2016=7.307, PMID:29490018)(codes)

  7. Wenying He, Cangzhi Jia*, Quan Zou*. 4mCPred: Machine Learning Methods for DNA N4-methylcytosine sites Prediction. Bioinformatics. doi: 10.1093/bioinformatics/bty668 (SCI, IF2016=7.307, PMID: 30052767)(web server)

  8. Jianbo Pan, Shichang Hu, Hao Wang, Quan Zou*, Zhiliang Ji*. PaGeFinder: Quantitative Identification of Spatiotemporal Pattern Genes. Bioinformatics. 2012, 28(11):1544-1545. (SCI, IF2016=7.307, PMID:22492640)(Web Server)

  9. Quan Zou, Gang Lin, Xingpeng Jiang, Xiangrong Liu, Xiangxiang Zeng. Sequence clustering in bioinformatics: an empirical study. Briefings in Bioinformatics. Doi: 10.1093/bib/bby090 (data)

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  11. Xiangxiang Zeng, Xuan Zhang, Quan Zou*. Integrative approaches for predicting microRNA function and prioritizing disease-related microRNA using biological interaction networks. Briefings in Bioinformatics. 2016,17(2):193-203.(SCI, IF2015=8.399,PMID:26059461)

  12. Wenhe Su, Xiangke Liao, Yutong Lu, Quan Zou*, Shaoliang Peng*. Multiple Sequence Alignment Based on a Suffix Tree and Center-Star Strategy: A Linear Method for Multiple Nucleotide Sequence Alignment on Spark Parallel Framework. Journal of Computational Biology. 2017, 24(12): 1230-1242 (SCI, IF2016=1.032, PMID: 29116822) (codes)(该软件被OMICTOOLS推荐)

  13. Pei Li, Maozu Guo, Chunyu Wang, Xiaoyan Liu, Quan Zou*. An overview of SNP interactions in genome-wide association studies. Briefings in Functional Genomics. 2015, 14(2):143-155. (SCI, IF2015=3.124,PMID: 25241224)

  14. Quan Zou, Jinjin Li, Li Song, Xiangxiang Zeng, Guohua Wang. Similarity computation strategies in the microRNA-disease network: A Survey. Briefings in Functional Genomics. 2016, 15(1): 55-64. (SCI, IF2015=3.124,PMID: 26134276)

  15. Leyi Wei, Pengwei Xing, Gaotao Shi, Zhiliang Ji*, Quan Zou*. Fast prediction of protein methylation sites using a sequence-based feature selection technique. IEEE/ACM Transactions on Computational Biology and Bioinformatics. Doi: 10.1109/TCBB.2017.2670558. (SCI, IF2015=1.609, PMID:28222000)(web server)(该软件被OMICTOOLS推荐)

  16. Xiangxiang Zeng, Yuanlu Liao, Yuansheng Liu, Quan Zou*. Prediction and validation of disease genes using HeteSim Scores. IEEE/ACM Transactions on Computational Biology and Bioinformatics. 2017, 14(3):687-695. (SCI, IF2015=1.609, PMID:26890920)(Codes and Data)

  17. Yuansheng Liu, Xiangxiang Zeng, Zengyou He*, Quan Zou*. Inferring microRNA-disease associations by random walk on a heterogeneous network with multiple data sources. IEEE/ACM Transactions on Computational Biology and Bioinformatics. 2017, 14(4): 905-915.(Web Server)(SCI, IF2015=1.609, PMID:27076459)

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