IFFS at the 2018 APS Spring Meeting for Recruiting High-Level Talents

Leaded by Rao Jiansheng, director of IFFS, a group of professors and postdoctors from IFFS, including professor Wang Zenghui, professor Wang Xiaoting, professor Zhang Yanning, professor Niu Xiaobin, professor Bai Jiming, Dr. Yue Shuai, and Dr. Lin Feng,  participated in and gave academic reports at the 2018 APS Spring Meeting held in USA on March 5th to 9th. Aimed at building a high talent pool, IFFS welcomes the global talents in such fields as quantum information, physics, mathematics, chemistry, electronic science and technology, materials science and engineering, etc. to join us.


Professor Zhang Yanling delivered two reports on her latest research, named “Defects and Impurities Induced Structural and Electronic Changes in Pyrite CoS2: First Principles Studies” and “First-principles Studies on the Stability and Activity of CoS2 surfaces for Hydrogen Evolution Reaction”.


Professor Bao Jiming gave a speech on “Identifying the Bandgap of Two-dimensional Perovskite CsPb2Br5”.


Doctorate student Lin Feng made a report titled “Macroscopic Orientation Control of Graphene Flakes by Magnetic Field and Broad Device Applications”, which provides an effective way to study the optoelectronic properties of macroscopically arranged grapheme.


At the margins of the meeting, the recruitment team from IFFS conducted various effective activities to attract outstanding talents to join IFFS.