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2013.03      Telecom ParisTech        Ph.D

Work Experience

2018.03-Present            University of Electronic Science and Technology of China      Professor

2016.01-2017.12           Institute for Quantum Optics and Quantum Information,Austrian Academy of Sciences    Postdoc

2014.03-2015.12           Vrije Universiteit Brussel                                                          Postdoc

Research Interests

Quantum information,Quantum computing,Computer Science

Selected Publications

[1]Wang, Z. and Navascués, M. Two Dimensional Translation-Invariant Probability Distributions: Approximations, Characterizations and No-Go Theorems, arXiv:1703.05649, 2017.

[2]Wang, Z., Singh, S. and Navascués, M. Entanglement and Nonlocality in Infinite 1D Systems, Physical Review Letters, Vol. 118, 230401, 2017.

[3] Wang, Z. and Markham D. Symmetric states: their nonlocality and entanglement, AIP Conf. Proc. 1633 (QCMC 2012), 50, 2014

[4]Arrighi, P. , Martiel, S. and Wang, Z. Causal Dynamics of Discrete Surfaces, Electronic Proceedings in Theoretical Computer Science, 144, 30-40, 2014

[5]Wang, Z. and Markham D. Nonlocality and entanglement for symmetric states, Physical Review A, Vol. 87, 012104, 2013

[6]Wang, Z. and Markham D. Nonlocality of Symmetric States, Physical Review Letters, Vol. 108, 210407, 2012

[7]Arrighi, P. , Fargetton, R. and Wang, Z.  Intrinsically universal one-dimensional quantum cellular automata in two flavours, Fundamenta Informaticae, Vol. 92, 1001- 1035, 2009