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2010-2013    Darmstadt Technical University, Germany   Ph.D

2007-2009    The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology    M.S

2003-2007     Chongqing University   B.S

Work Experience

2017-Present   University of Electronic  Science and Technology of China     Professor

2015-2017       SouthWest JiaoTong University      Professor

2014-2015       Nanyang Technology University, Singapore     Post-doctoral

2009-2010       The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology     Assistant Researcher

Research Interest

Surface and interface physics, mechanics, interfacial fluids, micro nano fabrication

Selected Publications

[1] L.Q. Chen, C.L. Li, N.F.A. van der Vegt, G.K. Auernhammer, E. Bonaccurso*, “Initial electrospreading of aqueous electrolyte drops,” Physical Review Letters 110, 026103, 2013.

[2] C.U. Chan#, L.Q. Chen#(共同第一作者), M. Arora, C.-D. Ohl*, “Collapse of Surface Nanobubbles,” Physical Review Letters 114, 114505, 2015. (Physics TodayPhysical Review Letters报道)

[3] L.Q. Chen*, E. Bonaccurso, P.G. Deng, H.B. Zhang, "Droplet impact on soft viscoelastic surfacces," Physical Review E, 94, 063117, 2016.

[4] L.Q. Chen, E. Bonaccurso*,"Effects of surface wettability and liquid viscosity on the dynamic wetting of individual drops," Physical Review E 90, 022401, 2014.

[5] L.Q. Chen, L.-O. Heim, D.S. Golovko, E. Bonaccurso*, “Snap-in dynamics of single particles to water drops,” Applied Physics Letters 101, 031601, 2012.

[6] L.Q. Chen, Z.G. Li*, “Bouncing Droplets on Nonsuperhydrophobic Surfaces,” Physical Review E 82, 016308, 2010.

[7] L.Q. Chen*, A. Geissler, E. Bonaccurso, K. Zhang*, “Transparent, Slippery Surfaces Made with Sustainable Porous Cellulose Lauroyl Ester Films,” ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 6, 6969, 2014.

[8] L.Q. Chen*, L. Li, Z.G. Li, K. Zhang "Submillimeter-Sized Bubble Entrapment and a High-Speed Jet Emission during Droplet Impact on Solid Surfaces," Langmuir 33, 7225, 2017.