Center for Quantum Information

Aimed at the frontier science of quantum information, and oriented to the great demand for the information industry and social development of China, CQI makes use of the advantageous disciplines in micro-electronics, optoelectronics, communications engineering and computer sciences, to explore in some fundamental, strategic and pioneering fields for scientific and technological breakthrough. CQI concentrates  its innovative efforts on the three research directions of quantum communication, quantum device, and quantum software, striving hard to make breakthrough in new principles of quantum information, prototype devices, and application systems; it is expected that we would come up with some research accomplishments of proprietary intellectual property rights in quantum information with values in market applications, to make UESTC a leader in these frontier fields.

Core Members:




Roberto Morandotti
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Niu,Xiaobin Wang,Xiaoting  Abolfazl Bayat Zhuang,Qiandong Deng,Guangwei
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Zhang,Yanning      Wu,Jiang  Wang,Zizhu
   Zhou,Qiang    Yang,Guowu