General Information


Founded in June 2014, Institute of Fundamental and Frontier Sciences (IFFS) at the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China (UESTC) is a comprehensive research institute focused on advanced high-level fundamental science of materials, device and systems design, engineering and technology innovations in electronics, photonics, information and biomedical technologies and related interdisciplinary areas of scientific research and technology development such as nano-materials and devices, quantum computing and biomedical informatics.


Under the leadership of honorary President,Guangcan Guo,Academician of China Academy of Sciences,and the Dean Dr. Zhiming Wang. IFFS has gathered and continue to develop the team of high-level international scientists, professors, postdocs and students. In the framework of the ‘Special Academic Zone’ founded by UESTC, IFFS adopts advanced management mode in line with international standards.  IFFS targets on setting up several world-class research centers, publishing series of high quality papers in top academic journals and getting other mile-stone academic achievements by establishing influential inter-disciplinary international base and highly efficient network for education, research and technology innovations.

International Cooperation and Communication

IFFS attaches great importance to international cooperation and communication. IFFS is hosting international academic conferences and youth forums and invites distinguished Chinese and international scholar as speakers and lecturers. IFFS is also developing close cooperation with leading foreign universities and research institutes.

Cultivation of Top Innovative Talents                                                                            

IFFS is established to cultivate international talents and recruit outstanding students at graduate level by providing attractive research environment and fellowships. All graduate students have the opportunity to study abroad in well-known European and American universities and research institutes as exchange or joint training students. Thus IFFS provides a broader development platform for the students who want to explore international study and research opportunities abroad. IFFS has its own quota and standard for master and Ph.D. admissions, ‘Application and Assessment’. IFFS organizes the admission committee for Ph.D. program, and selects Ph.D. candidates by comprehensive assessment and interview.